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Tom’s Top 5 – February 2021

Another month has absolutely flown by and, whilst admittedly I’ve slacked a little in promoting my own posts, I have managed to take a look at some really strong posts during the month of February to make up this month’s Top 5.

Take a look at the posts below from some brilliant bloggers and see what you think!

What It’s Like To Get the COVID-19 Vaccination

Watt the Blog

At the time this blog post was written, the UK was making some fantastic strides forward with the various vaccines being offered.

Step into the week this post is being published and we’re heading towards 20 million vaccines administered and a whole new positive outlook on easing restrictions.

In this post, Katie at Watt the Blog gives us her take and her own personal insights about receiving the vaccine as a result of working in the healthcare sector and answers some key questions and shares some important information for all of us to take into consideration. Katie recognises that everyone’s experiences are different and importantly, doesn’t shove the vaccine down our throats.

Whilst I am personally very nervous around needles, I am looking forward to receiving mine based on the benefits it will surely bring long term. This post allows me to have an open view about the jab but enjoy reading about someone else’s experience too.

Learning to Love Yourself in your Twenties

The Yorkshire Dreamer

She featured in the January edition of Tom’s Top 5 and she’s back in February too!

This was another of TYD’s posts I really enjoyed, predominantly because I feel I can really engage with her style of writing. Firstly, I’m really impressed with how the post is laid out but I also really appreciated the content and the idea behind it.

Loving yourself is sometimes hard to do. I mean, sure we can all have days where we find the positives in our personality and things we like about our character, but on the whole the notion of “loving” yourself can be difficult. This post takes the rough with the smooth, and importantly gives us some very worthwhile tips on ways to introduce a little positivity into everyday life in ways you might not have even considered before.

I could resonate with a lot of this and some of the methods TYD suggested, which is why it was definitely a very worthy entry in the Top 5 and a post I would definitely recommend!

The Long-Term Effects of Lockdown Excesses

Kelly Jackson – It’s More Fun in your 30’s

I’m notoriously rubbish at reading blog posts and as much as I say I’m going to improve that, it rarely ever happens. Having said that, I rarely find a blog post that completely captivates me. 

Then I stumbled across this one.

Whilst I have seen a number of posts about all things lockdown, I haven’t seen one like this. 

The post is raw, it’s meaningful and it asked a lot of questions I hadn’t even considered. It touches on the subjects of developing addictions and I could totally understand some of the subject matters such as late nights and screen time as they have become a massive part of how I have been acting over the last few months in particular. It really struck a chord with me and there’s a fair chance it will with you too. 

Not only that, but Kelly also gives the readers some crucially important links to back up the points she is making; a real informative post with a very important message. 

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Reaching Breaking Point

Life with KtKinnes

It seems a bit “wrong” of me to enjoy a post about somebody struggling.

What I mean by that is, I read the post and felt it. Which is not always easy to do. 

I think we’ve all expressed our concern at decisions being made during lockdown, whether that’s been decisions made by the government or people more locally breaking rules.

Katie’s post puts into words what so many of us are feeling or have felt over the last few months especially, and with the individual announcement from the powers that be in Northern Ireland about extending lockdown it’s clear to see that frustrations and disappointments are there to be shared.

For me, it’s nice to see a post that comes across as a bit of a “rant” from time to time. I like those, and I don’t do as many of them as I used to. For me, that’s what blogging has been about more often than not, getting your thoughts out there for your readers to see. Katie’s post isn’t the most informative, or designed to help or advertise, it’s just somebody getting stuff off their chest about life. It’s a reminder that it’s good to talk about what’s bothering you, even if there’s absolutely nothing you can do to fix it.

Let’s hope she and so many of us get to achieve what we want to once this latest set of restrictions start to ease!

My Fantasy Birthday Dinner Party

The Procrastinating Mum

It’s always nice to end on a bit of a lighter note, and always nice when somebody refers back to an idea done by yours truly in the past!

Lisa @ The Procrastinating Mum invited us all to an insight into her fantasy birthday dinner party, talking about who she would invite as well as what kind of theme she would give the occasion, right down to what she’d eat and drink and even what she’d put in her party bags!

The reason I wrote my post a few months ago, I picked out 5 people I would have round my dinner table, but I didn’t even attempt to take it any further than that, so I really enjoyed the amount of effort put into this post! It’s nice to see something a little out of the ordinary for a blog post idea, an idea that lots of other bloggers could also write about and come up with their own variations and styles.

Let’s face it, the majority of us would invite totally different guests….spoiler alert, Lisa would invite Henry VIII! 

One thing is for sure though, it sounds like quite a party!

I hope you all get a chance to take a look at the Top 5 for February 2021 – some very worthy bloggers and blog posts mentioned.

If you don’t follow any of these guys’ blogs I highly recommend them as there’s some great content on a wide range of topics!

Now to do some snooping in time for March! 

10 thoughts on “Tom’s Top 5 – February 2021

  1. Thanks so much for sharing my post, I’m so glad you liked it – I’m amazed at where the UK is at now with vaccines! Some other amazing posts and bloggers here too, so now I know what I’ll be reading this morning 🙂


  2. This is a great idea and such a nice thing to do! Sometimes there are posts or bloggers that you’ve not come across before and this helps to highlight them! Thank you so much for including me ☺️


  3. These sound like some very interested posts by some incredible writers and some bloggers I already know! Thank you for sharing your picks. I am going to read a few of these as I have some spare time today between work.


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