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My Blogmas 2020 Schedule


OK, that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as the version we all know.

Right, here goes.

It’s Blogmas!


Hello everybody! Welcome to my first ever Blogmas schedule.

Can you tell from the erratic start to this post that I’m an unhealthy mixture of excitable and extremely nervous?

So yeah, this is the first time I’ve done it and much to my amazement I’ve got 12 blog posts coming up for you throughout the month of December. I know that the idea of Blogmas gives you a variety of options for posting however I decided to make it more manageable for myself this year by agreeing to publish one post every couple of days throughout the entirety of December so I can take the pressure off a bit.

I wrote and scheduled my first post in August, which felt a little strange writing about festive topics whilst sweating in t-shirt and shorts, but I knew I had to be organised after I committed to doing it!

So here we are, not long now until the first post will go live and as I said, there’s a couple of emotions in there. I’m looking forward to seeing how this one goes, getting some positive ideas and maybe some constructive feedback and then carrying on my blogging journey into 2021 with my first Blogmas under my belt.

To give you all a heads up (and I’m not sure if this is the normal thing to do but I’m doing it anyway!), I thought I’d share my Blogmas schedule with you so you can see which posts you can expect to see flooding your feeds throughout the final month of this horrid year.

Plenty more organisation and scheduling to go, but here are the posts in chronological order!

December 2nd – “Want, Need, Wear, Read – An Alternative Christmas budget!”

In my first post, I talk about an alternative way to spend on each other this festive season!

December 4th – “Why Christmas Changes Once You Have Kids”

Let’s face it, it does! I highlight my own personal experiences of Christmas since I became a parent.

December 6th – “The Night Before Tesco’s – A Christmas Food Poem”

For something a little different (and a little silly) I give you my adaption of the classic Christmas story.

December 8th – “My Top 10 Christmas Traditions”

The first of my “Top 10” posts! Christmas is definitely a time for tradition and I delve back into my past and present to give you some of my own memories and traditions.

December 10th – “My Top 10 Festive Family Movies”

The next post focuses on some of my favourite festive family movies! Does your favourite make the list?

December 12th – “Top 10 Classic Christmas Songs”

We hear them every year but still we don’t get tired of them. Or do we? In this post I count down my own top 10 hits.

December 14th – “10 Slightly Alternative Christmas Songs

We all know the “classics” don’t we? But what about some of the others we’ve rarely seen or didn’t even know existed? Surely there must be a reason…

December 16th – “Our 2020 Children’s Christmas Book Collection”

Books are a huge part of our family Christmas! This year we’ve decided to increase our collection over the 25 days of Christmas and I want to share them with you.

December 18th – “The Perks of Working At Home For Christmas”

2020 has been a strange year, which will conclude with me seeing out the year working from home. Here are some of the good things about it!

December 20th – “Ways To Keep Christmas Special For Parents”

It’s important that, no matter how much we love Christmas with our kids, we also take the time to focus on each other too. Here are some tips I’ve put together for parents to help us enjoy Christmas as well!

December 22nd – “When Did We Stop Believing?”

There’s no specific age at which we stop believing in the “magic” of Christmas. In this post, I focus on just when I think that might have been and the meaning of the season overall.

December 24th – “Our Family Christmas”

I’m my final post, I share a little insight into Christmas in our household, and grab some very special guests in for a little interview. I wonder what answers they’ll give me!

So there we have it, that’s what you have to look forward to in Blogmas 2020!

Jeez, I hope I don’t mess this up.

Happy Blogmas everybody!

Is anybody else taking part in Blogmas 2020 and is planning to share a schedule of their content before they post or will it all remain a mystery? I would love to know what some of you are up to and help support!

Or alternatively if you’re not taking part, are there any of the above posts you’re particularly looking forward to?

Let me know in the comments!

37 thoughts on “My Blogmas 2020 Schedule

  1. I use to always do blogmas but now struggle to get it all written in time. I use to find planning out my blog posts in advance and getting as much written before December, the best way to guarantee you can get everything up on time. Good luck x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Tom. This looks like a great lineup and I can’t wait to read your posts. I am also doing Blogmas. I have 24 posts in various stages of production and have the first one scheduled for December 1. I’m not publishing my schedule in advance because I reserve the right to tweak if I feel like it. LOL Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. EEEKKK The fact that you’ve posted this has got me spooked, I have so much work to do to be anywhere near ready, and my first one goes live on Monday!

    Excited to read these posts though Thomas, especially your Poem!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I’m really looking forward to reading all these Tom. You’ve got some fab content lined up for us! I’m gutted that I’m not doing Blogmas this year, but I just didn’t have the time. I’m definitely looking forward to all the festive posts x


  5. I’m really looking forward to your Blogmas content. I’ve always done my own version of Blogmas which has just involved me posting more than usual throughout December. I’ve gone even bigger this year though with 21 blog posts going live through out December! I honestly don’t know how I’m managing it. It’ll be even more if any last minute sponsored content comes through!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Congratulations on dedicating yourself to taking part in Blogmas and doing the work necessary to make it happen. I can’t wait to read all of your holiday content. It looks like you’ve got a fun mix of actionable tips and tricks as well as fun and light-hearted blogs.


  7. Good luck on Blogmas! I participated in it a couple years back and while I initially planned on doing it this time, I want to wane off blogging a little bit haha.


  8. I loved your timings for the blogmas,, and your content too, especially “Why Christmas Changes Once You Have Kids” and“Ways To Keep Christmas Special For Parents”.👍


  9. I’m afraid if I share an exact list, it will seem boring. Because there will be themes, so even if each individual post could be interesting, it might look boring to say “this Christmas movie” and “now, this one” and “this Christmas novel…” etc. Here’s hoping they won’t actually *be* boring!


  10. These posts sound amazing, I can’t wait to read them! I’ve never done Blogmas but I did Blogtober last year and it was a lot of hard work, so I admire what you are doing! x


  11. Hi! I’m a new blogger who decided to do Blogmas in defiance of all the college assignments I still have left 😅😹 I’m so excited for this crazy adventure and can’t wait to read all the posts!
    – Kayslee


  12. I’m excited for this! I’m participating this year too. I won’t be sharing my schedule but I’m super excited for it to be a surprise. I am looking forward to reading about why Christmas changes when you have kids. I’ve always wondered.


  13. These look like some great posts you have in store for us!! I’m doing a post a day up until Christmas Day, and somewhat feel that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.. I guess we’ll see!

    Have a wonderful blogmas!

    Em x


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