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The 5 (Living) Celebrities I Would Invite To My Fantasy Dinner Party

I’ve realised recently that I like writing about hypothetical situations.

I started off with this post detailing some things I would do if I won the lottery, which was promptly followed by another one talking about how well I would do if I ended up playing “I Have Never” (which let’s face it isn’t exactly likely to happen).

Now they say that things tend to come in threes, so following that little rule I’ve thought of another hypothetical instance; a dinner party.

I’ll admit, I’m probably just as likely to host one of these as I actually am to win the lottery, which is why I’ve decided to answer another question I’ve been asked fairly recently.

Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?

Now normally there’s no real rules, however I’ve decided to throw in one exception.

They have to be still alive. Phew, less mess to clean up.

Even though that made it a little bit easier, it was still a tough one! Now the 5 don’t necessarily have to be compatible guests (as in similar ages, interests etc.) but I’d like to think that if you got these 5 people together it wouldn’t necessarily be that much of a disaster…..

James Corden

This guy definitely has his critics and online trolls (who doesn’t these days) but I think he’s awesome. I know most people would have first seen him on Gavin and Stacey but the 2006 film version of The History Boys is where I first noticed him and I’ve enjoyed pretty much everything else he’s done since then.

I think as far as a dinner party is concerned, he’d be an amazing host of one and I think an even better guest. He’s a natural entertainer, a skilled actor, singer and writer and one of the best talents this country has ever produced. Most likely pretty funny when he’s had a few too so that works in his favour. Would definitely be pulling up a seat at my table!

Lily James

Speaking of “pulling”…..

Ah, only kidding.

She may turn out to be the only female guest at my dinner party but she is well worth her seat at the table.

I personally hadn’t seen her in anything until Cinderella in 2015 (benefits of having a daughter) and I’ve seen her in a few movies since then, notably of course the sequel to Mamma Mia. She can sing, she can dance, jive, and she can have the time of her life; therefore she’d be a great addition to the party. Plus, I’m sure working with James Corden is bound to happen at some point in her career if it hasn’t already so they could discuss future projects to work on and maybe I could be credited for playing host to the idea?

Pete Townshend

Now for some people under 30, or just not aware of this man, this might seem like a bit of an odd one. Pete Townshend is the lead guitarist and one of two surviving members of The Who, and he’s been my musical hero for almost 20 years. The first band I ever loved, one of the first gigs I ever went to and my longest and most-revered affiliation with music.

He’s a genius song-writer, charismatic stage performer and speaks candidly about his life and his experience of playing in one of the biggest rock bands the world has ever seen. He’s genuinely one of the only people I would have no idea what to say to if I ever met him and given that he’s 75 years of age now I’m dreading the day when we lose him (sooner rather than later if I was the one cooking)

Not sure what he’ll make of the younger people at the table but I would never not have him there.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Speaking of music and speaking of genius, this man wouldn’t have even been considered a year or two ago but recent events would make him a shoe-in.

The reason for this? I’ve fallen in love with Hamilton, and as the brains of the operation I naturally have grown to love what this man does. Of course, his talents go beyond just this show but also his efforts towards providing music for Moana, playing a starring role in Mary Poppins Returns and writing music for the upcoming live-action The Little Mermaid would make him extremely popular in our house!

A great singer, performer, freestyler (maybe he could teach me) and just a thoroughly nice bloke, he seems like great company to have around.

David Tennant

Last but not least it’s another person used to the spotlight (although he may be the only one of my guests who isn’t known for his singing prowess?), this man has appeared in loads of stuff I like and now runs his own podcast that I enjoy listening to as well.

Ever since I first saw him in the title role of Doctor Who, at which point I was shocked to know he wasn’t English, I’ve had a bit of a soft spot for this fella. Sure, he’s gone on to play psychopaths (Bad Samaritan), moody detectives (Broadchurch) and serial killers (Des) since then, but I’d still invite him to my party…..

….as long as he behaves himself.

Phew! It was actually pretty tough getting this one down to just 5!

Sorry to the likes of the lovely Anna Kendrick and the legendary Morgan Freeman who just missed out; maybe once the rule of 6 is over and COVID is a thing of the past I’ll have you all over, providing you all stay alive.

Who would you have at your fantasy dinner party? Could you limit yourself to just 5 people? Also I haven’t covered this but…what would you cook?!

Let me know in the comments!

12 thoughts on “The 5 (Living) Celebrities I Would Invite To My Fantasy Dinner Party

  1. Can I come? Genuinely a great list of people. I love James Corden and have done since fat friends, 20 bloody years ago!
    Now Thomas, I have to be honest with you here though, and I know Hamilton is our thing! But Lin, I gotta say I am not his biggest fan. OK so he bought us Hamilton and for that I will always love him but I don’t think he has the singing or acting talent to back it up. He was out performed by every other cast member. BUT I also thought that when he was in Mary Poppins too.
    But I’d raised a glass with him at your fantasy table and thank him from the bottom of my Hamilton loving heart.


  2. This is great! I would have: Elton John, Chris Hadfield (Canadian astronaut who commanded the International Space Station), Tom Hanks, Keith Urban, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


  3. This is an extremely cool post! Something I would write as well. If I could have a fantasy dinner party, the celebrities I’m going to invite is Dr. Soo Wincci, IU, Remy Hii, Kim Soo Hyun, Ji Chang Wook, Kang Ha Neul, and Park Seo Joon. Thank you for sharing such a cool post.


  4. How amazing would it be to meet Pete Townshend?!!! I saw the rerelease of Quadrophenia at the cinema – my first view of a penis I wasn’t related to. Him and Brian May (guitarist not astronomy nut) would be epic. Helen Mirren and Emma Thompson would be awesome too. Oh you’ve got me thinking now. Mind if I hijack this idea? X


    1. Please do take it! I didn’t think of offering it out but more the merrier. Ah yes, Quadrophenia is the pinnacle of Pete’s work however Jimmy’s penis leaves a lot to be desired. As did the operatic version at the RAH which I was lucky enough to see! You’ve picked some great options there, a very elegant and British table!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi Tom. I assume that my invite is in the post?! James Corden would nearly put me off attending (not a fan of his at all) but Lily James would certainly be enough to counter-act that.
    There was a similar theme in a recent Sunshine Blogger Award post that I took part in, but only for 3 people. I picked Brian Turner (entertaining and a top chef), Sandi Toksvig (very entertaining and funny), and Clint Eastwood (go ahead, make my dinner party!). Who to pick for the other 2 spots? Anthiny Starr, so that we can discuss how brilliant Banshee was. And Victoria Stilwell, famous (to dog owners!) dog trainer.


  6. Haha I loved reading your list! Really interesting why you chose these people. I must say the ‘they must be alive’ – rule really makes a lot of people go away for me, but I would probably choose people I don’t actually like/understand, since I’m interested in how they’d react to certain questions. But if the idea is for it to actually be a fun dinner party, I’d say Barack Obama, Stephen Fry, Amy Landino, Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer.


  7. This is fun! I don’t know for sure who my 5 people would be, but I do know that Anna Kendrick would be one of them. I LOVE her and she never fails to make me laugh. Her Twitter account has been my go-to when I’m getting frustrated and need that ‘positive escape’ for quite some time now. I’m sure that she would make any dinner party a ton of fun!


  8. James Corden is a great shout! I’ve loved him since the first days of Gavin & Stacey. I imagine he’d bring a lot of fun and laughed to the table…literally! I can never choose just 5 people for these things. And I keep changing my mind. So I can imagine it was tough to decide on your final 5. Great, fun post!


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