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My August Goals

I can’t believe August is already here! July has been a crazy month of ups and downs and I had a chance to reflect on what’s happened in both my blogging and personal life.

Firstly, let’s have a little look back at my July goals and see how I did!

Increase to 750 Twitter followers ✅

After I mentioned this, a couple of people asked if increasing followers was really the key to getting more interactions on my blog.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say probably no, but the way I see it there’s no harm in trying to get across to more people!

Thanks to a well-placed writers lift and some help from existing followers, I’ve managed to exceed 900 which I cannot believe!

Spend more time reading other people’s posts ✅

I’m ticking this one, just. I got better at it but I’m still not 100% there yet. I find that I don’t give myself the opportunity to sit and read people’s posts but I also waste a lot of time during the evening.

I have followed more sites via WordPress but don’t check out the “reader” dashboard often enough and instead rely on Twitter blog post threads to check out posts from my favourite bloggers.

I’ve been thinking about a consistent blog post detailing some of my favourite pieces from the week – but that will only work if I put in the effort!

Find THAT elusive workout! ✅

Found it! To be honest I thought this one would be the most difficult, on the basis I give up too easily when something gets difficult.

However, like so many people have within the last few months, I decided to check out YouTube and The Body Coach and haven’t looked back since.

I wrote a post about the HIIT routine I’ve settled on and am now doing this every 2-3 days with aims to increase what I do as I get more confident and more comfortable!

So here are my goals for August!

Spend more time on Pinterest

Last month I took the plunge and decided to look into Pinterest; I’d heard good things from fellow bloggers about Pinterest being a good way to increase traffic on the blog so thought I’d give it a go.

I even wrote a post on it!

Turns out you need to do more than just download it…

So I’ve set up a profile and done my best at creating pins and joined a couple of boards but well…that’s pretty much it.

I know there’s guides out there that can support someone in my position and I know I just need to take some time out to read up and put some of the tips into practice.

Read a book!

Another one I can link to a recent blog post! I’m not a reader by any means but I’ve challenged myself to take in one book in August. I’ve browsed my wife’s collection and I must say a lot of them are of the same sort of niche so I’m looking for one I can make a start on. I’ll be sure to let you know my progress! 

Schedule more time to read blogs

I mentioned this earlier on in the post and said that even though I’d made progress I still wasn’t exactly where I wanted to be.

So does anyone have any tips for how they manage to get so much time to interact with other people’s blogs? Or do you just do it?!

I’ll still be honest and say I’m not going to promise I’ll reply to all comments on mine as I don’t always make the time – but I’ll be doing my best to read more and do my bit to contribute!

Drink more water

I don’t drink nearly enough water, that’s kind of it really.

I need to make more of an effort to drink more because it’s a simple no-brainer, but at the same time I spend too much time drinking fizzy drinks or just not drinking at all which is even worse.

So it’s time for a bit of a change. I’ve made a conscious effort now to only buy something different to drink at the weekends, sort of a weekend treat. I don’t drink hot drinks so from now on it’s water all the way!

It’s that time again to talk about your goals for August! What are you going to be up to? Was July successful for you?

Let me know in the comments!

26 thoughts on “My August Goals

  1. Some great goals to aim for Tom. If anything like last month you will smash them. I think I’m the same and need to drink more water and possibly cut down on the coffee consumption 😂, good job on finding an excersise routine that works for you 👍.


  2. Some great goals in here! Well done for smashing July! Drink more water is on my New Years resolutions list every year and I’m yet to crack it so if you work it out let me know!


  3. Great goals, congrats on reaching your July ones! I try to read someone’s blog every day, usually via a twitter thread, im actually commenting on this post via WP reader because I need to use this more too!


  4. These sound like some good goals to have, and well done for achieving them back in July. I feel that having followers on social media can somewhat help toward a blog becoming more successful, though sadly often the followers lose interest. So maintaining this can be hard.


  5. Sounds like a successful month! I usually try to dedicate some time to reading and commenting on blogs every day. I find the engagement has helped me grow my views and followers.


  6. Congratulations on all the things you’ve accomplished. As you mentioned, I have to actually schedule blog reading time into my daily routine the same way I schedule things like writing, pin creation, etc. The most important part, however, is sticking to it. Make sure that you treat that scheduled task with the same priority that you do other blogging tasks – it’s not something you can just let slide if you ‘don’t feel like it’ that day.


    1. Thank you! I rarely actually schedule blog posts, just leave them in drafts until they’re ready! So maybe I need to get into the habit of doing that alongside scheduling time to read. Thanks for the advice!


  7. Nice goals! I love participating in Writers lifts! Mine usually flop, so I’m glad you find some that have worked!


  8. These are great goals! Reading other writers content can sometimes be a bit challenging to find time in the day, but I find if you ever come across a free moment (even before bed), reading a couple of posts is really nice and relaxing!


    1. Truth is I do get time (in the evening mostly) to read other people’s work but I waste the little time I get! Need to do better, its better for me and ultimately its a nice thing to do for other people! Thank you for reading 😊


  9. These are some great goals! As for me, I’ll be focusing in getting more readers on all three of my blog sites. Also, probably scheduling my social media posts is the route I’ll be taking this month.


  10. I think posting goals like this is a great idea- helps keep you honest if you know other people know what you’re aiming for! I’ve only just started dipping my toe into Pinterest as well so I’ll be interested to see how you got on at the end of the month. I did include a couple of monthly goals that were part of my Bullet Journal August setup in my latest post but I didn’t go into the detail you did so interesting to see that. Thanks for posting and good luck!


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