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Cummings and Goings

I’ll level with you, I’m getting pretty sick of talking about all things COVID-19 and all things lockdown.

I also know that I have a weekly blog post which focuses on solely that, but let’s overlook that for a second.

I also know I’m not very good at talking about politics, but let’s brush that to one side for a minute too.

Like a lot of people, the breaking story about Dominic Cummings travelling the 260 miles from London to Durham during lockdown has been the hot topic over the last 48 hours.

Was he right to do so? Did he act the correct way? Or is this just an example of one rule for Government personnel and one rule for everyone else?

I’ll admit, for the first few hours I sat on the fence, not having much of a stance in politics as I do.

But I’ve listened to people cite their views on the matter; usually dangerous but in this instance relevant.

I get why people are pissed off. This is pissed off not only with the Cummings issue itself but also the now clear understanding that the Prime Minister was aware of his actions but is now sanctioning them as Cummings was acting “with integrity” and using his “instincts as a father”

Let’s put this into perspective shall we. There are people out there who have missed out on seeing their babies being born, people out there have had to utter their last words to dying relatives through WhatsApp, people out there have had to tell their young kids they aren’t allowed to hug their grandparents, see their friends or even go too near to people in the street.

It’s things like this that make the actions of Dominic Cummings utterly farcical. I do have a degree of sympathy as a father trying to do what is best for his family but in doing so, he has completely alienated the rest of the nation.

Also what of the Government? How on earth can they enforce the rules and expect us to do so to keep COVID-19 contained and take this stance on a senior official doing exactly the opposite?

I fear for the future of the lockdown. Whilst the scores on the doors are encouraging and the admissions and daily deaths are coming down, this latest debacle threatens the peace and people’s attitudes towards lockdown.

If he can do it and not face any repercussions, why can’t anyone else?

That’s how some people, rightly or wrongly, will see it.

I’m going to take my political hat off now, I don’t think it suits me.

But I do feel we have been let down and I don’t know how many other people are going to let this go so easily.

6 thoughts on “Cummings and Goings

  1. I’m also worried about the repercussions of this. I think many people will now do what they like and throw the government’s words back at them saying they were ‘acting with integrity and using their instincts’. They’ve pretty much opened the floodgates for this now.


  2. Completely agree with you on this one – it can’t be one rule for Government and another rule for everyone else. I saw one tweet about attending their father’s funeral via WEBCAM and then you’ve got people like Cummings blatantly spreading the virus across the country. It’s unacceptable!


  3. Can’t believe I missed this. You’ve kind of said exactly what is on my mind. I think his behaviour is off the scale wrong. And the impact it’ll have moving forward is huge.

    I honestly think if he’d held his hands up and apologised and admitted to being in the wrong we’d all feel a little better about it. It is the continued and blatant lying that has really upset people most.

    Us British respect honesty, So far we have seen none.

    Brilliant post x


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